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Taipei Tech secures taxi passenger’s’ safety

In order to secure people’s safety on taxi, Taipei Tech developed a free App, BlueNet, which has a “Guardian” function. BlueNet’s “Guardian” function will automatically send taxi information including license plate number and driving route to user’s friends and family when people got on a taxi. If user seeks help through BlueNet when emergency happens, it would shorten the rescue time dramatically.

Shih-Chia Huang, Professor from the Department of Electronic Engineering and the developer of the BlueNet, noted that at least 32 criminal cases on taxi happened in London last year. We also noticed that cases like taxi drivers harass passengers happened in Taiwan. With BlueNet, Huang hoped to make taxi a safer way to travel. Huang also noted that most taxi Apps currently on market are limited to call a cab. On the other hand, BlueNet is more than a tool to get a taxi but a social network that keeps user, their family and driver together.

Ms. Huang, a real user of BluNet, said that BlueNet is free and she can choose drivers by her wish. In addition to these advantages, she felt safer with the “Gaurdian” function.

Mr. Cai, a 25-year experience taxi driver, thought that “Gaurdian” function will increase the willingness for customers to take taxi and therefore increase driver’s income.

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