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Xin-Zhan Wei: the pride of technical and vocational education

Xin-Zhan Wei, student from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Taipei Tech, found his way out with passion and hard working. Wei’s parents passed away when he was in junior high school, and his brother took the job of support the family since then. Wei also worked his way through vocational high school. In Taipei Tech, Wei paid his own tuition by being a tutor and participating competitions. Despite all the difficulties in life, Wei loves electronical things and now is about to go to the Institute of Medical Information at Cheng Kung University through self-learning.

Wei is a diligent student. Not only does he pay attention to classes but also go to laboratory doing research afterward. Burning the night oil writing programs and design is common for him. “It is a blessing for me to be able to learn what I love and to develop it as a profession at the same time.” said Wei.

You could see Wei’s name in various competitions such as Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge Taiwan Design Contest and Intelligent Electronics System Design Contest. The winning product, a real time sign language translation system, was designed for the hearing-impaired to communicate with intelligent gloves that can identify sign language and then “speak” through an APP on mobile phone. The current goal for Wei is to combine theory and practice in graduate school, and his dream is to start his own company in electronic area in the future.

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