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Earthquake Detector: New idea for disaster prevention

Earthquake is common in Taiwan, 549 earthquakes including 100 sensible and 449 unfelt ones happened in 2015 according to the Central Weather Bureau. Earthquake often gets people by surprise, therefore how to find a way to earn more reaction time is crucial for people to survive when encounter one.

Taipei Tech spent two years worked with technology industry to develop a new type of device that can detect earthquake and prevent it from causing big damage at the first place.

To-Po Wang, Professor from the Department of Electronic Engineering, noted that customer can choose a specific level of earthquake intensity, when an earthquake hit this level, the controller which is attached to the main switch will work to cut off the electricity and gas. At the same time, the device will also send verbal warning to alert people. After the device cut off all the electricity and gas supply, it will light up and simultaneously making noises up to 24 hours in order to make rescue easier.

The device has been ready in the end of 2015, and is expected to be on market in the second quarter of 2016 with an affordable price instead of a sky-high one for this device said the develop firm.

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